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premises liability

Our clients own property, and from time to time people are injured. Sometimes it is an employee; often, it is a visitor. These claims can range from a slip and fall to a toxic exposure claim. The issues range from causation, to damages, to the status of the injured party, to the owner's knowledge of the dangerous condition. We explore these issues thoroughly and develop defenses with an eye toward trial, as well as an eye toward entering negotiations from a position of strength.

Our premises liability lawyers have represented national grocery chains, convenience stores, manufacturing plants and office buildings. Depending on the type of case, we design a strategy to serve the client's interests, whether it is to minimize cost and achieve a quick settlement, or retain experts and develop a solid yet efficient defense. Often, our reputation as trial lawyers is sufficient to force a quick and cost effective settlement.

Not all cases go away easily, however. Several years ago, fourteen employees of a subcontractor filed suit against our manufacturer, claiming exposure to toxic chemicals at the plant. The firm performed a thorough investigation, and determined there was clear evidence of eight acts of negligence, and some evidence of gross negligence. We proceeded to trial, defending the client based on causation. After six weeks of trial and two days of deliberation, the jury found that in spite of the admitted acts of negligence, they did not cause plaintiffs' injuries.