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intellectual property litigation

Years ago, our manufacturing clients were frustrated by the breath-taking expense of defending patent lawsuits. They contacted our firm, and asked if we wanted to learn to be patent litigators. Initially, we partnered with an outstanding national patent firm, who provided patient and excellent mentoring. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to serve as both local and lead counsel on numerous patent cases, primarily in the Eastern District of Texas. In a number of cases, we have taken the lead in Markman hearings, mock trials and extensive Daubert hearings. We have worked with some of the best patent experts nationally, and we have been fortunate enough to achieve a rare summary judgment in the Eastern District just weeks before trial. As a result of these opportunities, we have climbed the learning curve in patent litigation. But in addition to this expertise, we bring other benefits to our patent clients. We bring lower rates, efficient handling and lean staffing, all of which contribute to dramatic savings for patent defendants, as compared to many national firms. Moreover, we bring extensive trial experience to patent litigation, which sometimes is hard to find in patent firms.

Patent cases are often bet-the-company matters. Because our patent team is able to translate your highly technical information into a story that a jury can both understand and care about, your bet-the-company patent case is in good hands. Not only can we defend and try your case successfully, our defense costs will not break the company.

To review a sampling of the patent cases handled by our firm, a list of cases can be downloaded here.