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employment litigation

Often our manufacturing clients call on us to represent them in areas other than product liability, such as patent litigation, or in this case, employment litigation. They tell us they have a difficult time finding employment lawyers who can manage their case efficiently, but with an eye toward trial.

Over the years, several of our lawyers have gained extensive experience defending employers in labor and employment disputes. We handle these matters much as we do all litigation: we staff the case efficiently, we evaluate the claim early, we pursue a creative resolution as soon as the matter is ripe, and all the while, we get ready for trial if the matter cannot be resolved.

Because of our reputation, we frequently are able to resolve the case early and favorably. Recently, we were successful in trial in defending against a wrongful termination claim, and received a directed verdict in the middle of another trial on a breach of employment contract claim. We have also handled lawsuits involving defamation, tortious interference, covenants not to compete, harassment and discrimination claims.

As with all of our litigation, we consider a successful resolution as not simply winning the case, but managing the matter economically. We recognize that in these economic times, litigation budgets are tight. We have spent our entire history attempting to keep our overhead low, as well as our rates. Further, we never overstaff, both within the firm and with outside experts. We take depositions with a strategic purpose. We retain experts only as necessary and monitor their expenses. And most important, we listen to what our clients want, and design our defense plan and budget accordingly.